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by Yorgos Agathonikiadis


The story takes place in 1941, when a Greek soldier named Andreas accidentally kills a German soldier. For a long time he lives with his feelings of guilt buried deep inside. Many years go by. Andreas grows very old and then suddenly one day the memories return. He decides that he wants to return the personal belongings that he took from the dead German soldier to his family, in order to honor the dead man’s memory and so that he can make finally peace with himself. But Andreas suffers a stroke and is unable to carry out his plan. The only person left to fulfil his wish is his granddaughter Mirto.

original title: Bitter Snow
country: Greece, Czech Republic
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Yorgos Agathonikiadis
film run: 95'
screenplay: Yorgos Agathonikiadis
cast: Anna Iris, Yorgos Velentzas, Costas Laskos, Eva Klanova, Costas Yalinis, Jiri Kraus, Gerasimos Mavros, Christos Panayotelis, Martina Simickova, Meri Razi
cinematography by: Yorgos Papadopoulos, Martin Studecky, Periklis Mathielis
film editing: Jiri Calkovsky
art director: Anastasia Palapanidou, Jan Zerrich
costumes designer: Elena Horská, Andreas Gangas
music: Dusan Holy
producer: Eleni Agathonikiadou
production: Blue Nemesis Productions, Czech Television studio Brno
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