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by Yannis Soldatos


A writer, drawn along the lines of Dostoevsky, is told by his female publisher that he must write and deliver his new book within one month. He is facilitated in many different ways and provided with all kinds of sources of inspiration, yet the author is living his own, personal drama. The typist stands by the author, the heroes of the novel come alive, the author experiences an intense relationship with the publisher, the book is finished, and the patron saint of the whole endeavor turns out to be the typist and her love for the author.

international title: Fyodor
original title: Fyodor, o paiktis
country: Greece
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Yannis Soldatos
screenplay: Yannis Soldatos
cast: Efi Venianaki, Spyros Kyvelos, Maria Karakitsou, Alexandros Tountas, Elena Mentzelou, Katerina Tsirtsoni, Elisavet Kazopoulou, Maria Drakopoulou, Lena Tsilihranou, Petros Nikolakopoulos
cinematography by: Sakis Maniatis
film editing: Sakis Maniatis
art director: Maria Drakopoulou
costumes designer: Efi Venianaki
producer: Yannis Soldatos, Sakis Maniatis
production: Egokeros
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