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by Josée Dayan


One day, Yann, leading the life of a student in the provinces, falls in love with a name: Marguerite Duras. He devours her novels. Writes her several letters a day. It’s the story of a passion born of words. When they first meet in Trouville, it’s as though they’ve always known each other. So conspicuously obvious that it’s frightening; suddenly their age difference, Yann’s past, his desire to end it all, no longer matter. She can’t get over being wanted like this. It’s wonderful, unbearable. They both know that their time is limited, that death is central to their story; they reinvent love moment by moment. Words become books, global bestsellers. While waiting for the fatal hour, they laugh, cry, love, eat, drink…

international title: THAT LOVE
original title: CET AMOUR-LÀ
country: France
sales agent: StudioCanal
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Josée Dayan
film run: 98'
release date: FR 16/01/2002, HU 02/05/2002, BE 17/07/2002, DE 02/01/2003, PT 07/03/2003, AT 29/08/2003
screenplay: Yann Andrea's book
cast: Jeanne Moreau, Aymeric Demarigny, Christiane Rorato, Sophie Mileron, Justine Lévy
cinematography by: Caroline Champetier
film editing: Anne Boissel
art director: Sylvie Fennec
costumes designer: Mimi Lempika
music: Angelo Badalamenti
producer: Alain Sarde
production: Les Films Alain Sarde, ARTE France Cinéma
distributor: BAC Films, Budapest Film (HU), Cinéart (BE), Alamode (DE), Atalanta Filmes (PT), Cinestar Filmverleih (AT), Bergvik (IS)

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