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by Saara Cantell


seven stories of seven women. All of the episodes were shot in one take, the camera always following the actresses through real time events. Martta is hiding a secret from her family. Nora desires to grow wings. Meri is learning to be wary of her dreams. Olga and Fardusa are looking for a better future far away from home, while Emi is constantly making wrong choices. In the mean time Anu runs into a ghost from her past in the grocery store parking lot. But soon the women come to notice that a single encounter can change their lives.

international title: Heartbeats
original title: Kohtaamisia
country: Finland
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Saara Cantell
release date: FI 05/03/2010
screenplay: Saara Cantell
cast: Anneli Sauli, Meri Nenonen, Jenni Banerjee, Rosa Salomaa, Johanna Af Schulten, Maryan Guuleed, Leena Uotila, Elena Spirina
cinematography by: Marita Hällfors
film editing: Pauliina Punkki
art director: Pirjo Rossi
costumes designer: Sanja Kangas
production: Pystymetsä Oy, YLE
distributor: Nordisk Film AB
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