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by Philippe Le Guay


Paris in 1960. Jean-Louis and Suzanne Joubert are no longer exactly youthful. This stockbroker and his wife live a quiet, middle-class existence in an elegant tenement building. You might even describe their lives as dull – especially since the children have been packed off to boarding school. Things are a good deal livelier on the sixth floor of their building where all the female staff live. The most recent arrivals are ‘guest workers’ from Spain: six women of different ages from Burgos. Jean-Louis finds himself increasingly drawn into their world – a world that is so different to his own. The main reason for his fascination is Concepción, a mature but still attractive Spanish woman for whom this man, who is somehow greying both outside and in, develops a quiet passion. He also develops a genuine interest in her colleagues, and this sees him popping upstairs to the sixth floor with increasing regularity in order to enjoy the refreshingly different, friendly atmosphere that prevails. But the more he learns about this different world, the more difficult it becomes for him to return to his own marital home.

international title: The Women on the 6th Floor
original title: Les Femmes du 6e étage
country: France
sales agent: SND (Société Nouvelle de Distribution) International - Groupe M6
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Philippe Le Guay
film run: 106'
release date: FR 16/02/2011, BE 16/02/2011, IT 10/06/2011, NL 23/06/2011, SE 12/08/2011, DK 13/10/2011, DE 03/11/2011, PT 17/11/2011, PL 02/12/2011, FI 02/03/2012, SI 08/03/2012, ES 08/06/2012, GR 21/06/2012, IE 06/07/2012, UK 06/07/2012
screenplay: Philippe Le Guay, Jérôme Tonnerre
cast: Fabrice Luchini, Sandrine Kiberlain, Natalia Verbeke, Carmen Maura, Lola Dueñas, Lauriane Escaffre, Nuria Solé, Muriel Solvay, Concha Galán, Audrey Fleurot, Sophie Nicollas
cinematography by: Jérôme Tonnerre
film editing: Monica Coleman
art director: Pierre-François Limbosch
costumes designer: Christian Gasc
music: Jorge Arriagada
producer: Philippe Rousselet
production: Vendôme Production, Les Films de la Suane
distributor: SND (Société Nouvelle de Distribution) Films, Victory Productions, Archibald Entreprise Film SRL, Cinemien, Nos Lusomundo Audiovisuais, Best Film, Concorde Filmverleih, Filmtrade, Praesens Film AG, Abordar Casa de Películas

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