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by Régis Wargnier


After five years in prison, Leila finds freedom once again. She encounters Yannick, a young athlete who has recently lost his sight in an accident. The only sport he can practice with this disability is running. But to do so, he needs a guide, to whom he's attached by a cord during training. Leila becomes that guide. In a past life, she was a top athlete. She keeps quiet about her more recent past. This silence suits Yannick, who is suffocated by the gestures of compassion of family and friends. Training, and then the prospects of competitions, help both to rebuild themselves, one with the other. But there are past stories that just won't let you go, and present feelings, movements of the heart, that upset trajectories. It is necessary to go through all of this so as to one day enter the home straight.

original title: La Ligne droite
country: France
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Régis Wargnier
release date: FR 09/03/2011
screenplay: Régis Wargnier
cast: Rachida Brakni, Cyril Descours, Clémentine Célarié, Seydina Baldé, Thierry Godard
cinematography by: Laurent Dailland
film editing: Simon Jacquet
art director: Yohann Georges
costumes designer: Pierre-Yves Gayraud
music: Patrick Doyle
producer: Jean Cottin
production: Gaumont
distributor: Gaumont Distribution
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