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by Aki Kaurismäki


Marcel Marx, a former author and a well-known Bohemian, has retreated into a voluntary exile in the port city of Le Havre, where he feels he has reached a closer rapport with the people serving them in the occupation of the honourable, but not too profitable, of a shoe-shiner. He has buried his dreams of a literary breakthrough and lives happily within the triangle of his favourite bar, his work, and his wife Arletty, when fate suddenly throws in his path an underage immigrant refugee from the darkest Africa. As Arletty at the same time gets seriously ill and is bedridden, Marcel once more has to rise against the cold wall of human indifference with his only weapon of innate optimism and the unwavering solidarity of the people of his quartier, but against him stands the whole blind machinery of the Western constitutionally governed state, this time represented by the dragnet of the police, moment by moment drawing closer around the refugee boy. It's time for Marcel to polish his shoes and reveal his teeth.

international title: Le Havre
original title: Le Havre
country: Finland, France, Germany
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Aki Kaurismäki
film run: 93'
release date: DE 08/09/2011, FI 09/09/2011, NO 16/09/2011, EE 17/09/2011, AT 03/11/2011, LT 18/11/2011, IT 25/11/2011, FR 21/12/2011, SE 25/12/2011, ES 28/12/2011, HU 29/12/2011, BE 04/01/2012, GR 05/01/2012, PL 06/01/2012, NL 02/02/2012, PT 16/02/2012, DK 15/03/2012, IE 06/04/2012, UK 06/04/2012, RS 19/04/2012, RO 04/05/2012
screenplay: Aki Kaurismäki
cast: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Kati Outinen, André Wilms, Elina Salo, Evelyne Didi, Blondin Miguel
cinematography by: Timo Salminen
film editing: Timo Linnasalo
art director: Wouter Zoon
costumes designer: Frédéric Cambier
producer: Aki Kaurismäki, Reinhard Brundig, Fabienne Vonier
production: Sputnik Oy, YLE, Pandora Filmproduktion, Pyramide Productions, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), ARTE GEIE, Independenta Film
backing: MEDIA Programme
distributor: Future Film Oy Ab, Pyramide Distribution, Filmcoopi, BIM Distribuzione, A-Film Distribution, Momentum Pictures, Independenta Film, A-Film België NV, Feelgood Entertainment, Midas Filmes, MCF - MegaCom Film, CinemArt, Folkets Bio

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