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by Alain Cavalier


Vincent Lindon and Alain Cavalier are pals. Like father and son. They sip port in bars dreaming of a film they might make. Together. Then just once in a while, they don suit and tie. Play men of power. See how much trouble they can make. For a laugh. They tell a tall story, that's part really personal, part, well - just plain tall. Only, as ever at the movies, there's that excellent question no one can answer: is it really all make-believe?

original title: Pater
country: France
sales agent: Pathé International
year: 2011
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Alain Cavalier
film run: 105'
release date: FR 22/06/2011
cast: Vincent Lindon
producer: Michel Seydoux
production: Caméra One, ARTE France Cinéma
distributor: Pathé Distribution
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