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by Dan Tang


Ling, mid-20s, lives in Chongqing. There she meets Yu, a Chinese business traveller who lives in Berlin. He gives her an iPhone as a goodbye present. They start a romantic telephone relationship. When Ling flies to Berlin to see Yu, another man, Marco, awaits her at the airport. He is Yu‘s German bodyguard. He is to make sure that Ling flies back home. Over two days Ling meets Turks, Poles and Berliners, waiters, policemen and whores, even a dog joins her. For the bodyguard she causes more pain than pleasure, and still he grows to like her. In the end Ling finds Yu and leaves him at the same time, in a way that is surprising to both of them. Love during the time of the World Wide Web. Distant yet close. Close yet distant.

original title: I Phone You
country: Germany, China
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Dan Tang
release date: DE 26/05/2011
screenplay: Wolfgang Kohlhaase
cast: Jiang Yiyan, Florian Lukas, David Wu, Wang Haizhen, He Bing, Annette Frier, Fritz Roth, Tino Mewes, Marie Gruber
cinematography by: Andreas Höfer
film editing: Sebastian Thümler
art director: Susanne Hopf, Li Ya Ding
costumes designer: Sabine Greunig, Tuan Tuan
producer: Peter Schwartzkopff, Wang Yu, Felix Eisele
production: Reverse Angle Production, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg - RBB, BR Bayerischer Rundfunk, ARTE Deutschland, Ray Production, Beijing Taihe Universal Film Investment (CN)
backing: BKM, German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), German Federal Film Board (FFA), Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH) and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB)
distributor: Reverse Angle International GmbH
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