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by Olivier Horlait


14-year-old Yannis lives on a small Greek island that has remained untouched. Since his mother's death, his relationship with his fisherman father has become strained. Yannis rescues a young pelican and the bird becomes his friend. During summer, Yannis encounters Angeliki, a 17-year-old girl whose carefree, fanciful nature and spontaneity lead him down paths he has never been before. It is a unique summer, one that you remember for the rest of your life. During it Yannis also discovers the love his father feels for him, a love that he's never known how to express.

international title: Nicostratos the pelican
original title: Nicostratos le pélican
country: France
sales agent: Other Angle Pictures
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Olivier Horlait
film run: 95'
release date: BE 29/06/2011, FR 29/06/2011, DE 11/10/2012
screenplay: Eric Boisset, Olivier Horlait
cast: Emir Kusturica, Thibault Le Guellec, François-Xavier Demaison, Jade-Rose Parker, Gennadios Patsis, Valériane de Villeneuve, Yves Nadot
cinematography by: Michel Amathieu
film editing: Serge Bourdeillettes
costumes designer: Alexia Theodoraki, Laurence Glentzlin
music: Panayotis Kalantzopoulos
producer: Alain Grandgérard, Serge de Poucques, Adrian Politowski, Gilles Waterkeyn
production: Five 2 One Productions, Nexus Factory, Studio 37
distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment France, Umedia Distribution, Neue Visionen Filmverleih GmbH
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