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by Michael J. Bassett


1917. The Western Front. A million or more Allied and German troops face each other across the shattered landscape of northern Europe. A world of mud, entangled by a wilderness of barbed wire, scarred by miles of trenches, soaked with the blood of the fallen. Private Charlie Shakespeare is frozen with fear. He is alone, desperate. When the battle is over, Shakespeare and the handful of other survivors from Y-Company are utterly lost somewhere in enemy territory. Their only shelter is an abandoned German trench.

original title: DEATHWATCH
country: United Kingdom, Germany
sales agent: Odyssey Entertainment
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Michael J. Bassett
film run: 95'
release date: IS 11/07/2003, SE 10/07/2003, PT 01/04/2003, IE 06/12/2002, UK 06/12/2002
screenplay: Michael J. Bassett
cast: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Hugo Speer, Matthew Rhys, Hugh O
cinematography by: Hubert Talzanowski
film editing: Anne Sopez
art director: Alexander Denic
costumes designer: Lucinda Wright
music: Curt Cress, Chris Weller, Rob Lane
producer: Frank Hübner, Sam Taylor, Mike Downey
production: Film and Music Entertainment, ApolloMedia, F.A.M.E.
distributor: Pathé Distribution, Manga Films (ES), Lnk (PT), Scanbox Entertainment (SE), Scanbox Entertainment (IS)
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