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by Sergio Colabona


November 1878. Giovanni Passannante sells his jacket and buys a knife, for an attack on the King of Italy. He will report only a few scratches, but Giovanni is sentenced to death, then pardoned and thrown to rot in a dungeon under the sea level, and then imprisoned in a psychiatric prison where he died in 1910.

original title: Passannante
country: Italy
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Sergio Colabona
release date: IT 24/06/2011
screenplay: Sergio Colabona, Massimo Russo, Ulderico Pesce, Andrea Satta
cast: Fabio Troiano, Ulderico Pesce, Andrea Satta, Alberto Gimignani, Bebo Storti, Massimo Olcese, Niki Giustini, Andrea Buscemi, Roberto Citran, Antonino "Ninni" Bruschetta, Luca Lionello, Andrea Lolli
cinematography by: Franco Ferrari
film editing: Daniele Di Maio
art director: Antonio Farina, Gianmaria Cau
costumes designer: Alessandro Bentivegna
music: Têtes de Bois
producer: Donatella Palermo
production: Far Films
distributor: Emme Cinematografica
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