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by Saša Matijević


Thirty-year-old Tony works as a television reporter and is breaking up with his partner. His boss sends him to a nearby park to shoot a story about homeless people, but Tony balks at the assignment because his girlfriend used to live nearby and the park was their favorite meeting spot. But this time, instead of meeting her, he encounters a mysterious homeless man named Amir. The charismatic fellow becomes Tony’s spiritual guide; he shows his apprentice the way to once again become master of his own destiny. Tony learns to look at the world through dreams and fantasies that can be just as substantial as reality. Debut director Sasha Matijević puts a light, agile touch on his story of coping with ill-fated love. By means of an uncomplicated style he demonstrates how, even in a difficult situation, one can grasp life in both hands.

international title: He
original title: Hij
country: Netherlands, Serbia
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Saša Matijević
film run: 70'
release date: RS 20/06/2011
screenplay: Saša Matijević, Lodewijk Oudshoorn
cast: Wigger Verschoor, Frans Stam, Ana Morel, Nout Seyffert, O-Dog
cinematography by: Renee van der Sluis
film editing: Pieter Kamp
art director: Aga Rietdijk
music: Rob van de Schootbrugge
producer: Saša Matijević
production: Studi Msvisuals, Playground produkcija
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