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by Nikos Zapatinas


Pantelis must absolutely stops his wife and mother-in-law from getting their hands on his money. He isn't 45 years old yet, but he will be soon and so he can trasform himself.

international title: BONUS
original title: EPHAPAX
country: Greece
sales agent: Hellas Film - Greek Film Centre
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Nikos Zapatinas
film run: 90'
screenplay: Nikos Zapatinas
cast: Vassilis Halakatevakis, Evelina Papoulia, Petros Philippidis, Katerina Skourli, Tania Kapsali
cinematography by: Argyris Theos
art director: Damianos Zarifis
music: Laurentius Macheritsas
producer: Dionyssis Samiotis, Anastasios Vasiliou
production: Mythos Productions, Odeon S.A.
backing: Greek Film Centre
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