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by Brian Yuzna


Marine biologist Skylar Shane hires a charter boat captain to help her find prehistoric life form samples in the Sumatran Sea. During the expedition, they together encounter a gang of smugglers from whom they manage to liberate the orphan Tamal. But after the orphan’s arrival onboard, mysterious things begin to happen, and the terror that was once locked deep down in the abyss by an older civilization is now about to resurface...

international title: Amphibious 3D
original title: Amphibious 3D
country: Netherlands
sales agent: Celsius Entertainment Ltd.
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Brian Yuzna
screenplay: Brian Yuzna, John Penney, San Fu Maltha, Somtow P. Schuaritkul
cast: Michael Paré, Janna Fassaert, Francis Magee
cinematography by: Mick Van Rossum
film editing: Annelies van Woerden
music: Fons Merkies
producer: San Fu Maltha, Brian Yuzna, Wilfried van Baelen
production: Fu Works
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