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by Gerard Hurley


Jack McCarthy left Ireland for America 20 years ago when his business failed and he had to get out in a hurry. Now he is called home by his father, Larry, who says he’s dying. Finding his father apparently fit enough to hit golf balls in a field of cattle, Jack is furious, but decides to stay in Cork. He meets an American tourist, Grace, who is quick to tell him she’s just out of a divorce and not ready for another relationship. Jack tries to call in debts from local people who owe his father money, but their time together becomes more and more unbearable until Larry is finally honest with his son.

international title: The Pier
original title: The Pier
country: Ireland, United States
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Gerard Hurley
film run: 83'
screenplay: Gerard Hurley
cast: Karl Johnson, Gerard Hurley, Lili Taylor
cinematography by: Jesse Cain
film editing: Frank Reid
art director: Antonia Spamatie
music: Maurice Seezer
producer: Gerard Hurley, Jim Stark
production: Black Equus Film LTD
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