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by Guido Lombardi


Castel Volturno, 30 km from Naples. A Camorra commando breaks into a tailor’s shop managed by African immigrants, wildly shooting and killing six black men. Yssouf, a young immigrant, thus decides to break with his uncle Moses, who after promising him a better future in Italy as an honest artisan turned him into the cynical leader of the local coke-dealing scene. The young Germain, the singer Asetù and the prostitute Suad round out this story blurring fiction and reality, which seems like the pages of a contemporary crime novel on a contemporary man trapped in a daily struggle for survival.

international title: Là-bas: A Criminal Education
original title: Là-bas
country: Italy
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Guido Lombardi
film run: 100'
release date: IT 09/03/2012
screenplay: Guido Lombardi
cast: Kader Alassane, Moussa Mone, Esther Elisha, Billy Serigne Faye, Fatima Traore
cinematography by: Francesca Amitrano
film editing: Annalisa Forgione, Beppe Leonetti
art director: Maica Rotondo
costumes designer: Francesca Balzano
music: Giordano Corapi
producer: Dario Formisano, Gaetano Di Vaio, Pietro Pizzimento, Gianluca Curti
production: Eskimo SRL, Bronx Film S.r.l., Minerva Pictures Group, RAI Cinema
backing: Regione Campania
distributor: Minerva Pictures Group
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