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by Francesco Lagi


Captain Vinciguerra leads a handful of soldier during a mission in the Balkan area to capture a war criminal absconding since the end of the Yugoslav war. Even more surprising, the captain must head the mission side by side with his worst enemy: his son, an earnest pacifist. Adventurously living together – between bear eaters and games of Risk, out-of-control tanks, revolutionary dreams and a down-in-the-dumps Che Guevara – father and son will face their private war.

international title: Mission of Peace
original title: Missione di pace
country: Italy
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Francesco Lagi
release date: IT 28/10/2011
screenplay: Umberto Contarello, Filippo Gravino, Francesco Lagi, Marco Pettenello
cast: Silvio Orlando, Francesco Brandi, Alba Rohrwacher, Filippo Timi, Antonella Attili
cinematography by: Arnaldo Catinari
film editing: Danilo Torre
art director: Mauro Vanzati
costumes designer: Antonella Cannarozzi
music: Bugo
producer: Donatella Botti
production: Bianca Film, RAI Cinema
backing: Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
distributor: JB Entertainment
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