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by Marcus Adams


A Jeep travels along a nighttime freeway; Senga Wilson is behind the wheel, tired, drawn & tense. In the passenger seat is her daughter Nat; Senga is starting to fall asleep and Nat insists they pull over. Just before they rejoin the freeway, Senga stops at an ATM, while Senga has her back turned, Nat invites a young girl backpacker into the car knowing it will annoy her mother. Nat suddenly disappears.

international title: OCTANE
original title: OCTANE
country: United Kingdom, Luxembourg
sales agent: Buena Vista International, Overseas Film Group (US)
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Marcus Adams
film run: 90'
release date: LU 03/10/2003
screenplay: Stephen Volk
cast: Madeleine Stowe, Norman Reedus, Bijou Phillips, Mischa Barton, Jonathan Rhys Myers
cinematography by: Robin Vidgeon
costumes designer: Stewart Meachem
producer: Alistair MacLean Clark, Basil Stephens
production: Random Harvest/Four Horsemen, Delux Productions
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