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by Hans Weingartner


Not so long ago, Martin was a gifted mathematician with a career and a steady girlfriend. But after a spell in psychiatric care, he is released with no job and no way of supporting himself, labelled as mentally ill. Viktor is a young Ukrainian boy recently orphaned following his mother's OD. When the two meet, Martin takes Victor under his wing, and fleeing the city, they escape to a forest where they manage to build a hut robust enough to live in. Though not easy, their back-to-nature subsistence life is idyllic by comparison to what they have left behind, and the pair become firm friends. Martin even meets a sympathetic young woman, Lena, who he encourages to live in a more idealistic way. But just as Martin has started to find happiness, harsh reality intervenes.

international title: Hut in the Woods
original title: Hier unten - Hütte im Wald
country: Germany
sales agent: Elle Driver
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Hans Weingartner
film run: 109'
cast: Peter Schneider, Julia Jentsch, Eleonore Weisgerber, Robert Schupp, Henrike von Kuick, Vlad Chiriac
art director: Sebastian Wurm
costumes designer: Christian Röhrs
producer: Jonas Dornbach, Hans Weingartner
production: Kahuuna Films Gmbh

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