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by Rax Rinnekangas


Two male artists are travelling in winter in the famous La Rioja wine-growing region of Northern Spain. Ignacio is a Basque modern music composer living in Finland, who is weighed down by traumatic guilt at his daughter’s car accident in Helsinki. The other man, named Comaz – a Swiss painter living in Spain – is suffering from artist’s block. The men go to see religious paintings showing human hands in churches and monasteries and discuss such topics as Dante’s concept of Paradise and the meaning of faith and prayer. The travellers understand something new and fundamental about the meaning of forgiveness and this gives them a chance for a better future.

international title: A Journey to Eden
original title: Matka Edeniin
country: Finland, Spain
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Rax Rinnekangas
release date: FI 30/09/2011
screenplay: Rax Rinnekangas
cast: Nacho Angulo, Hugo Wirz, Ramon Zuriarrain, Celia Juan de Hatchard, Saana Vuorenmaa
cinematography by: Rax Rinnekangas
film editing: Jari Innanen
producer: Rax Rinnekangas, Pako Ruiz
production: Bad Taste LtD., Sonora Estudios
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