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by Pippo Mezzapesa


15-year-old Veleno pedals furiously on his bicycle to keep up with his new friends who are different from him: street kids who race each other on their scooters and face off on the soccer field where their team, the Cosmica, plays. Cimasa, Capodiferro, and Natuccio all answer to their leader, Zazà, a genuine soccer talent. The prospects for the small town in the South of Italy – the factory, the pollution, the drugs, and the offensive demagoguery of the local politico and rising star Vito Cicerone – are not bright. But the boys’ lives take an unexpected turn when a strange stray ‘madonna’, the lovely Annalisa literally flies into their midst from the top of a church, dressed as a bride. Smitten, Zazà and Veleno awkwardly approach her and experience pure ecstasy.

international title: Annalisa
original title: Il paese delle spose infelici
country: Italy
sales agent: Fandango
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Pippo Mezzapesa
film run: 82'
release date: IT 11/08/2011, FR 01/08/2012
screenplay: Antonio Leotti, Antonella Gaeta, Pippo Mezzapesa
cast: Aylin Prandi, Antonio Gerardi, Rolando Ravello, Valentina Carnelutti, Nicola Rignanese, Teresa Saponangelo, Michele D'Attanasio, Nicholas Orzella, Luca Schipani, Cosimo Villani
film editing: Giogiò Franchini
art director: Sabrina Balestra
costumes designer: Francesca Vecchi
music: Pasquale Catalano
producer: Domenico Procacci
production: Fandango, RAI Cinema
backing: MiBAC - Direzione Cinema, Apulia Film Commission
distributor: Fandango Distribuzione, Bellissima Films
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