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by Gilles Balbastre, Yannick Kergoat


In 1932, the writer Paul Nizan published The New Watchdogs to denounce the philosophers and writers of his time who, sheltering behind intellectual neutrality, imposed themselves as true watchdogs of the established order. Today the watchdogs are journalists, editors, and media experts who've openly become market evangelists and guardians of the social order. In a sardonic manner, The New Watchdogs denounces this press that, claiming to be independent, objective and pluralist, makes out it is a democratic force of opposition. With forcefulness and precision, the film puts its finger on the increasing danger of information produced by the major industrial groups of the Paris Stock Exchange and perverted into merchandise.

international title: The New Watchdogs
original title: Les Nouveaux chiens de garde
country: France
year: 2011
genre: documentary
directed by: Gilles Balbastre, Yannick Kergoat
film run: 104'
release date: FR 11/01/2012, BE 09/05/2012
screenplay: Serge Halimi, Pierre Rimbert, Renaud Lambert, Gilles Balbastre, Yannick Kergoat
cast: Arlette Chabot, Laurence Ferrari, David Pujadas, Alain Duhamel, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Christine Ockrent, Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Laurent Joffrin, Alain Minc, Bernard-Henri Lévy
cinematography by: Guillaume Deffontaines, Alberto Marquardt, Laurent Fenart
film editing: Marie-Pierre Camus, Yannick Kergoat
art director: Joris Clerté
music: Fred Pallem
producer: Jacques Kirsner, Anne-Marie Marsaguet
production: Jem Productions
distributor: Epicentre Films, Libération Films
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