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by Craig Viveiros


Jack is an inmate in an English prison; he has always been on his best behavior in the hopes of being released early and rejoining his wife. But when the woman leaves him, on the anniversary of the death of their son, life in prison suddenly becomes intolerable. The arrival of Paul seems to give him a new reason for carrying on and, although the young man seems to be attracted by the violent gang of prisoners headed by Clay, Jack decides to protect him, at the risk of his own life, until he discovers that the two of them share a tragic past.

international title: Ghosted
original title: Ghosted
country: United Kingdom
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Craig Viveiros
screenplay: Craig Viveiros
cast: John Lynch, Martin Compston, David Schofield, Craig Parkinson, Jonathan Jaynes, Art Malik, Neil Maskell, Amanda Abbington, Duane Henry, Roger Evans
cinematography by: James Friend
film editing: Kelvin Hutchins, Sam White
art director: Danny Rogers
costumes designer: Susan Gurley
music: Amory Leader, Simon Williams
producer: Rupert Bryan, James Friend, Craig Viveiros
production: Motion Picture House, London Film and Media
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