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by Daniel Duqué


By retracing a path where his father once led him to photograph the homeless on the outskirts of a city, Pierre attempts to reconcile himself with his fathers’ untimely death, far from home, working as war journalist. With his fathers’ camera swinging from his neck and post war photos in hand Pierre broadens his viewpoint at each encounter and place. What truly connects him through the years of time and space is a recording of his fathers lost voice telling the continuing story of peoples lives. Pierres sensorial experience opens his horizons and stretches them from now to the hereafter.

original title: A travers les branches d'un arbre
country: Switzerland
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Daniel Duqué
film run: 101'
release date: FR 18/01/2012
screenplay: Daniel Duqué, Amina Mehiri, Sybille Jusnee
cinematography by: Luc Walpoth
film editing: Daniel Duqué, Amina Mehiri
music: Jean-François Albelda, M. el Mougi, Bashr Abdel Aal
producer: Daniel Duqué
production: Merlin Films, Anaïs Productions Sàrl
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