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by Edwin


Lana's memories started 20 years ago, when her father left her alone in the zoo. She was raised by a giraffe trainer and lived at the zoo, enjoying: the sound of the Hippo’s steps, the flapping of the elephant’s ears, and the strange, flute-like sound of the giraffe. Lana grew up full of joy. Over time, she forgets her father. One day, a cowboy comes to the zoo. Lana falls for him. Soon, she becomes his assistant in performing magic. The town loves them and they host their own TV show. One day, Cowboy sets a fire performance. As the fire is gone, he has also disappeared. The boss, who picked them from the street, sells Lana to Planet Spa. Lana no longer knows happiness. She has only the feeling of longing for Cowboy and the zoo.

international title: Postcards From The Zoo
original title: Kebun binatang
country: Indonesia, Germany, Hong Kong, China
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Edwin
screenplay: Edwin, Daud Sumolang, Titien Wattimena
cast: Nicholas Saputra, Ladya Cheryl, Heidy Trisiana Triswan, Nazyra C. Noer, Dave Lumenta
cinematography by: Sidi Saleh
film editing: Herman Panca
art director: Eros Eflin
music: Dave Lumenta
producer: Meiske Taurisia, Lorna Tee
production: babibutafilm, Miles Films, Elang Perkasa Film/Indonesia
backing: Göteborg International Film Festival for Best Pitching Project
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