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by Josep Hernández, Miquel Mascaró


Two smart alecks set up a gruesome funeral business. They're going to collect bodies and then dump them anywhere once the service has ben paid for. It all seems quite simple...

international title: INDEPENDENT UNDERTAKERS
country: Spain
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Josep Hernández, Miquel Mascaró
film run: 92'
release date: ES 02/08/2002
screenplay: Miquel Mascaró, Josep Hernández
cast: Miquel Mascaró, Joan Barceló, Miquel Barceló, Catalina Cerda, Macia Mut, Keko Pujol
cinematography by: Juan M. Rodríguez
film editing: Miquel Mascaró, Josep Hernández
costumes designer: Célia Serra
music: Andrew Muntaner, Goodfellows, Guadaña, Suso Reixac, Hijos de Matxin
producer: Joan Olives
production: Armadillo Pictures S.L.
distributor: Armadillo Pictures S.L.
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