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by Daniele De Plano, Gianni Cardillo


The old saltworker Natale just has got a nephew, Rosina, who left to United States to become an actress. To convince her to come back, Natale begins to shoot little movies so she can miss home. When he passes away, she decided to attend the ceremony. No need for her to stay longer in Sicily, but an intense earthquake shocks her when she finds out Natale knew the truth about her life in America. This is how her being a diva crack down and her uncertainties come up…

original title: Ristabbanna
country: Italy
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Daniele De Plano, Gianni Cardillo
film run: 90'
screenplay: Gianni Cardillo, Daniele De Plano, Mattia Betti
cast: Tiziana Lodato, Ben Gazzara, Salvatore Li Causi, Adriana Parrinello, Emanuel Li Causi, Giulia Coccellato, Enrico Roccaforte, Diego Gueci, Salvatore Forzisi
cinematography by: Giorgio Fantini
film editing: Michele Tagliabue
art director: Mike Galimberti
costumes designer: Stefano Giovani
music: Roy Paci
producer: Francesco Tagliabue
production: Fast Rewind
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