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by Thomas Vinterberg


Following a tough divorce, 40-year-old Lucas has a new girlfriend, a new job and is in the process of reestablishing his relationship with his teenage son, Marcus. But things go awry. Not a lot. Just a passing remark. A random lie. And as the snow falls and the Christmas lights are lit, the lie spreads like an invisible virus. The shock and mistrust gets out of hand, and the small community suddenly finds itself in a collective state of hysteria, while Lucas fights a lonely fight for his life and dignity.

international title: The Hunt
original title: Jagten
country: Denmark
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Thomas Vinterberg
film run: 111'
release date: NL 25/10/2012, GR 08/11/2012, FR 14/11/2012, BE 14/11/2012, LU 14/11/2012, IT 22/11/2012, UK 30/11/2012, IE 30/11/2012, DK 10/01/2013, EE 18/01/2013, SI 24/01/2013, IS 01/02/2013, NO 01/02/2013, HU 21/02/2013, PT 07/03/2013, PL 15/03/2013, FI 22/03/2013, DE 28/03/2013, SE 12/04/2013, ES 19/04/2013
screenplay: Thomas Vinterberg, Tobias Lindholm
cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Alexandra Rapaport, Thomas Bo Larsen, Anne Louise Hassing, Lars Ranthe, Susse Wold, Ole Dupont
cinematography by: Charlotte Bruus Christensen
film editing: Janus Billeskov Jansen, Anne Østerud
art director: Torben Stig Nielsen
music: Nikolaj Egelund
producer: Sisse Graum Jørgensen, Morten Kaufmann, Thomas Vinterberg, Jessica Ask
production: Zentropa Entertainments
backing: Film i Väst, Det Danske Filminstitut, Eurimages, Nordisk Film & TV Fund, Svenska Filminstitutet, MEDIA Programme, DR, SVT
distributor: Nordisk Film Distribution, September Film Distribution Netherlands, Pretty Pictures, Abc Distribution, Golem Distribución, Arrow Film Distributors, BIM Distribuzione, Wild Bunch Distribution Germany, Kino Świat, Atlantic Film OY, Vertigo Media

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