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by William Vega


Alicia is helpless. Fleeing the armed violence that has claimed the lives of those dearest to her, she ends up in La Sirga, at the guesthouse of Oscar, the only family she has left. Here, on the shores of a great lake in the Andes, she tries to rebuild her life. But this place, where she feels safe, is not spared by the fighting. The return of Freddy, the son that Oscar has been awaiting for years, his enigmatic intentions and his possible link with the warring factions bring La Sirga what Alicia fears the most.

international title: La Sirga
original title: La Sirga
country: Colombia, France, Mexico
sales agent: MPM Film (Movies Partners in Motion Film)
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: William Vega
film run: 88'
release date: GR 13/12/2012, FR 24/04/2013
screenplay: William Vega
cast: Joghis Seudin Arias, Julio César Roble, Floralba Achicanoy, David Fernando Guacas, Heraldo Romero
cinematography by: Sofía Oggioni Hatty
film editing: Miguel Schvedfinger
art director: Marcela Gómez Montoya
production: Ciné-Sud Promotion, Contravia Films/Colombia, Burning Blue/Colombia, Film Tank/Mexico, Puntoguionpunto/Mexico
distributor: Zootrope Films
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