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by Antonio Méndez Esparza


Pedro returns home to a small mountain village in Guerrero, Mexico after years of working in the US. He finds his daughters older, and more distant than he imagined. His wife still has the same smile. The villagers think this year’s crop will be bountiful, and there is work in a growing city nearby. But the locals are wise to a life of insecurity, and their thoughts are often of family members or opportunities far away, north of the border.

international title: Aquí y Allá: Here and There
original title: Aquí y allá
country: Spain, United States, Mexico
sales agent: Alpha Violet
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Antonio Méndez Esparza
film run: 110'
release date: FR 13/02/2013, ES 01/03/2013, IT 12/12/2013
screenplay: Antonio Méndez Esparza
cast: Teresa Ramírez Aguirre, Pedro De los Santos Juárez, Lorena Guadalupe Pantaleón Vázquez, Heidi Laura Solano Espinoza, Néstor Tepetate Medina, Carolina Prado Ángel
cinematography by: Barbu Balasoiu
film editing: Filippo Conz
art director: Priscila Charles Calderón
music: Copa Kings, Bertín y su Condesa
producer: Pedro Hernández Santos
production: Aquí y Allí Films, Torch Films/New York, Copa Films
distributor: ASC Distribution, A Contracorriente Films, Cineclub Internazionale Distribuzione

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