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by Philippe Carrèse


Marc, an insurance agent from the provinces, mediocre and very uptight, makes contact with the Mob in order to eliminate his wife, an unbearable castrating boss of a woman. An impromptu and improbable driver during a pathetic jewelry store heist, Marc is taken under Toulouse's wing. A second-rate robber, Toulouse acts less through compassion than through contempt, but he nevertheless shows Marc the ropes through several experiences on the ground. For Marc, this series of encounters and adventures turns out to be a revelation. This journey of nocturnal initiation will allow him to discover his inner killer... still uptight and mediocre, but - at least for now - dangerous!

original title: Cassos
country: France
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Philippe Carrèse
release date: FR 13/06/2012
screenplay: Philippe Carrèse
cast: Didier Bénureau, Patrick Bosso, Simon Astier, Féodor Atkine, Agnès Soral
cinematography by: Serge Dell'Amico
film editing: Noémie Moreau
art director: Franck Mortier
costumes designer: Chantal Castelli
music: Bruno Carrèse
producer: Thierry Aflalou
production: Comic Strip Production
distributor: Colifilms Diffusion
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