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by Artus de Penguern


John - conscientious and romantic - and Michael - inconsistent and inconstant - are surgeons in the clinic of their father, David Marshall. John is head over heels in love with Priscilla, a wonderful nurse, but Michael steals his sweetheart from him and marries her without further ado. Devastated, John takes off for Canada. Michael dumps Priscilla for diabolical Samantha (a money-grubbing nurse and femme fatale) and transforms the clinic into a plastic surgery centre, bringing about its downfall in the process. John comes back to try to save it.... He's helped by Priscilla, Helen, Cathy, Tom, Marc and Madamoseille Phillips, all of them wounded by love, which, as we all know, always eventually saves all.

international title: Sex, Lies and Surgery
original title: La clinique de l'amour
country: France, Belgium, Luxembourg
sales agent: Rezo Films International
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Artus de Penguern
release date: FR 27/06/2012
screenplay: Artus de Penguern, Gábor Rassov, Jérôme L'hotsky
cast: Bruno Salomone, Héléna Noguerra, Artus de Penguern, Natacha Lindinger, Anne Depetrini, Dominique Lavanant, Michel Aumont, Ged Marlon
cinematography by: Vincent Mathias
film editing: Kako Kelber
costumes designer: Uli Simon
music: Gast Waltzing
producer: Thibault Gast, Jesus Gonzalez-Elvira, Nicolas Steil, Matthias Weber, Artus de Penguern
production: Iris Films, 2425 Films Production
distributor: Rezo Films
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