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by Júlia Murat


Each citizen of Jotuomba plays an integral role in village life. Madalena is responsible for baking bread; each morning she stacks her rolls as Antonio prepares the coffee. The two share a morning ritual of arguments and insults, followed by an amicable cup of coffee on the bench outside Antonio's shop. At midday the church bells ring, summoning the villagers to mass. In the early evening, they all share a meal together. And so life proceeds in Jotuomba, the days languidly drifting into one another. The only variations seem to be in the weather. One day Rita arrives looking for a place to stay. She came upon the village while traveling through the valley, following the unused railroad tracks. She is a photographer, intent on capturing the village's special allure. Initially reticent, the townsfolk gradually open up to her, sharing their stories and allowing themselves to be photographed...

international title: Found Memories
original title: Historias que só existem quando lembradas
country: France, Argentina, Brazil
sales agent: MPM Film (Movies Partners in Motion Film)
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Júlia Murat
release date: PL 11/05/2012, NL 14/06/2012, FR 11/07/2012
screenplay: Maria Clara Escobar, Júlia Murat, Felipe Sholl
cast: Lisa Fávero, Sonia Guedes, Ricardo Merkin, Luiz Serra
cinematography by: Lucio Bonelli
film editing: Marina Meliande
music: Lucas Marcier
producer: Christian Boudier, Juliette Lepoutre, Marie-Pierre Macia, Júlia Murat, Lúcia Murat, Felicitas Raffo, Julia Solomonoff
production: MPM Film (Movies Partners in Motion Film), Taiga Filmes
distributor: Bodega Films, Eye Film Museum Distribution, AP Mañana
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