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by Eliza Kowalewska, Grzegorz Madej


One day a real confused cop is meeting with the car-sellers from a small company Beata, Maciek and Jacek to ask some questions. No one understands a reason, until he explains that one of the car-sellers Heniek, who currently has three days off, was arrested early this morning. No one believes it because they know each other for many years. First of all, it looks like mistake but by-and-by, during the policeman's questioning, they find out that something was wrong between them and they are tying to hide it. Heniek is framed, but life goes on... During this three days all three sellers are trying to remember whether Heniek was living a double life or not? Is he guilty or not? Where is the money he has stolen? Police assume its over 1 million. The very good friends Beata, Maciek, Jacek are trying to solve the Heniek's mystery, each of them on the own way.

international title: Heniek
original title: Heniek
country: Poland
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Eliza Kowalewska, Grzegorz Madej
release date: PL 01/06/2012
screenplay: Eliza Kowalewska, Grzegorz Madej
cast: Maciej Słota, Beata Schimscheiner, Jacek Milczanowski, Tadeusz Hankiewicz, Tomasz Grabowski, Bogdan Słomiński, Maciej Półtorak, Marta Honzatko, Dariusz Starczewski, Maciej Małysa, Jacek Buczyński, Kamila Klimczak, Tadeusz Łomnicki, Mateusz Janicki
cinematography by: Bartosz Mikolajczyk
film editing: Marcin Litewka
art director: Bartłomiej Dyrcz, Jacek Gruszecki, Paweł Pilarz
music: Adam Niedzielin, Bartosz Tomaszek
producer: Eliza Kowalewska, Grzegorz Madej
production: EarlGrey
distributor: Spectator
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