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by Jan Speckenbach


All of a sudden, 16-year-old Martha vanishes. Her father Lothar, who for years has had no contact with her or his ex-wife, sets off unwilling to find her. He soon realises other young people are also vanishing from the city inexplicably. Lothar follows their trail across the country. He meets the occasional young person but the trail goes cold. In the next city he encounters militia groups and a reinforced police presence. Children are forbidden to be on the streets unless accompanied by adults. The world has changed...

international title: Reported Missing
original title: Die Vermissten
country: Germany
sales agent: Junifilm GmbH
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Jan Speckenbach
release date: DE 10/05/2012
screenplay: Jan Speckenbach, Melanie Rohde
cast: André Hennicke, Luzie Ahrens, Sandra Borgmann, Sylvana Krappatsch, Paula Kroh, Nicole Müller, Jenny Schily, Christoph Bantzer, Susanne Maierhöfer, Rainer Reiners, Arthur Romanowski, Oskar Bökelmann, Nina El Karsheh, Thomas Mehlhorn, Martina Struppek, Eckehard Hoffmann, Irene Rindje, Wolfgang Schloesser
cinematography by: Jenny Lou Ziegel
film editing: Wiebke Grundler
costumes designer: Charlotte Sawatzki
music: Matthias Petsche
producer: Marc Wächter, Anke Hartwig, Sol Bondy
production: Junifilm
backing: BKM, Deutsche Filmförderfonds (DFFF), Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, nordmedia Fonds GmbH
distributor: Filmgalerie 451
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