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by Manuel Poirier


1947, Café du Pont recounts the childhood of Pierrot and his brother in a little village on the river banks of the Garonne, in the south west of France. Their parents toil to make ends meet at the café which is the centre of everyone’s lives in this tiny village. The war and the occupation haven’t made things easy. Despite the hardships of school, Pierrot grows up to the rhythm of the seasons. He discovers music, and learns the saxophone, performing his first concerts for the customers of the Café. He is surrounded by the love of his parents and his grandmother. Everyone in the family works together to accomplish Pierrot’s father’s dream: to open a grand ballroom in the village...

international title: Le Café du pont
original title: Le Café du pont
country: France
sales agent: Le Pacte
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Manuel Poirier
film run: 95'
release date: FR 04/08/2010
screenplay: Manuel Poirier
cast: Bernard Campan, Cécile Rebboah, Thomas Durastel
cinematography by: Sergio Dell'Amico
film editing: Joël Jacovella
art director: Isabelle Quillard
costumes designer: Andrée Apavou
producer: Eric Juherian, Mathias Rubin, Christophe Cervoni
production: Récifilms, Axel Films, Canal+, Ciné+, TPS Star
distributor: Le Pacte
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