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by Rudolf Thome


Nike Rabenthal shoots her first motion picture: a road movie featuring three young women – Eva, Josephine and Laura – travelling Italy in search of the meaning of life. On their journey, they meet a monk, a fisherman and a philosopher. While Eva is a film star, Josephine and Laura are on set for the first time. Nike’s father, Abraham Rabenthal, is the producer. Since he is denied further funding during the shooting, the monk must also act the part of the fisherman and he himself must play the role of the philosopher.

original title: Ins Blaue
country: Germany
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Rudolf Thome
film run: 105'
release date: DE 30/08/2012
screenplay: Rudolf Thome
cast: Vadim Glowna, Alice Dwyer, Esther Zimmering, Janina Rudenska, Elisabeth-Marie Leistikow, Henning Vogt
cinematography by: Bernadette Paaßen
film editing: Beatrice Babin
art director: Reinhild Blaschke
costumes designer: Anna Scholich
music: Georg Kranz, Robert Neumann
production: Moana Film
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