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by Iginio Straffi


After becoming an orphan in the eruption of Pompeii, a young boy named Timo gets saved by Chirone, founder of the biggest Gladiator's academy of Rome. Timo does not seem to have any interest in becoming a gladiator though. Even after becoming and adult, he keeps spending his days in total apathy. The arrival of Lucilla turn the tables. The bony kid Timo remembered has grow up to a beautiful woman. Unfortunately for Timo, Chirone has promised his daughter to Cassio, Rome best gladiator in years. Cassio is handsome and rich and he is the emperor Domitian's nephew. After a trick which will be in total despair, he will ends up in seeking Diana, 's help, a strong sexy-though amazon. She will train Timo in using his brains before his muscles and helps him to prepare for a challenges soon to come.

original title: Gladiatori di Roma
country: Italy
year: 2012
genre: animation
directed by: Iginio Straffi
film run: 95'
release date: IT 18/10/2012
screenplay: Michael J. Wilson
music: Bruno Zambrini
producer: Iginio Straffi
production: Rainbow
distributor: Medusa Film
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