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by Eva Sørhaug


What happens in the last 90 minutes of a human life before they commit murder? In 90 Minutes we follow Johan who is making a lavish last meal for his wife, Fred who is on his weekly visit with the kids and Trond who completely has lost control of his use of violence towards his young wife who just gave birth to a child. Before the irretrievable act of murder happens, these men are still considered as human beings.

international title: 90 Minutes
original title: 90 Minutter
country: Norway
sales agent: LevelK
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Eva Sørhaug
film run: 92'
release date: NO 21/09/2012
screenplay: Eva Sørhaug
cast: Aksel Hennie, Kaia Varjord, Bjørn Floberg, Annmari Kastrup, Mads Ousdal, Pia Tjelta
cinematography by: Harald Gunnar Palgaard
film editing: Vidar Flataukan
art director: Nina Bjerck-Andresen
music: Henrik Skram
producer: Håkon Øveraas
production: 4 1/2 Film AS
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