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by Patxo Tellería, Aitor Mazo


The story of Xavi, Lukas and Jone three long-time buddies in Bilbao whose friend Maria is terminally ill. When Xavi learns from Jone that Maria used to have a crush on him, he decides to cheer up her day by telling her that, back in the good old days, that feeling was mutual but he was too shy to tell her. This being a comedy of errors, Maria tells him she still feels this way and then miraculously starts to feel better, with the doctor predicting she'll live another two or three months. As a result, Xavi finds himself pushed into a relationship he wasn't planning on having but feels like he can't tell her that because of her condition (any big shock might be fatal), even though he has a pregnant girlfriend back in Barcelona...

international title: Bypass
original title: Bypass
country: Spain
sales agent: Imagina International Sales
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Patxo Tellería, Aitor Mazo
film run: 98'
release date: ES 11/10/2012
screenplay: Patxo Tellería
cast: Gorka Otxoa, Sara Cózar, Bárbara Goenaga, Aitor Mazo, Itziar Atienza, Mikel Losada, Unax Ugalde
cinematography by: Aitor Mantxola
film editing: Asier Pujol
music: Bingen Mendizábal
producer: Joxe Portela
production: Abra Producciones
distributor: Barton Films
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