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by Jia Zhang-Ke


In Northern China, not far from Mongolia, two friends Xiao Ji and Bin Bin, apparently oblivious to the world around them, spend most of their time lounging about. Their main aim is to do as they please, which is to say, not a lot. Intense Xiao Ji falls madly in love with beautiful Qiao Qiao, the region’s singing star. Bin Bin, who’s more reserved, tries to save his love affair with a young student in any way he can. Xiao Ji brazenly cruises Qiao Qiao, despite her manager’s presence. This tough, possessive man also happens to be her fiancé. Xiao Ji is vaguely aware that he is playing a dangerous game, but he doesn’t care, for he wants the girl. He is beaten up in a nightclub one evening but comes out of it unscathed, apparently indestructible. Qiao Qiao is touched by his stubbornness mixed with an angelic side. Lonely and isolated, she accepts to sleep with him, just once, in secret.

international title: Unknown Pleasures
original title: Ren Xiao Yao
country: China, Japan, South Korea, France
sales agent: Celluloid Dreams
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Jia Zhang-Ke
film run: 106'
release date: FR 22/01/2003, GR 16/05/2003, UK 11/07/2003, BE 23/07/2003, NL 13/11/2003
screenplay: Jia Zhang-Ke
cast: Zhao Tao, Zhao Wei Wei, Wu Qiong
cinematography by: Yu Lik Wai
film editing: Keung CHOW
art director: Liang Jiang Dong
producer: Li Kit Ming
production: Lumen Films, Office Kitano (JP); Hu Tong Communications (CN); E-Pictures (KR)
distributor: Ad Vitam, Playtime (GR), Artificial Eye (UK), Cinéart (BE), A-Film Distribution (NL), Frenetic Films (CH), Indisa (ES), Atalanta Filmes (PT)
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