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by Kari Juusonen, Jørgen Lerdam


When Niko doesn’t take care of his little step-brother Jonni for a minute, Jonni is being kidnapped. Niko and his friend Julius set out to find him. In a turbulent showdown in which all of Niko’s friends and family help, he saves his brother.

international title: Niko 2 - Little Brother, Big Trouble
original title: Niko 2 - Lentäjäveljekset
country: Finland, Germany, Denmark, Ireland
sales agent: Global Screen GmbH (a brand of Telepool GmbH)
year: 2012
genre: animation
directed by: Kari Juusonen, Jørgen Lerdam
film run: 77'
release date: FI 12/10/2012, DK 01/11/2012, DE 01/11/2012, PL 23/11/2012, FR 28/11/2012, IS 30/11/2012, NL 06/12/2012, BE 19/12/2012
screenplay: Marteinn Thorisson, Hannu Tuomainen
film editing: Antti Haikala
art director: Mikko Pitkänen
music: Stephen McKeon
producer: Antti Haikala, Petteri Pasanen, Hannu Tuomainen
co-producer: Emely Christians, Ralph Christians, Anders Mastrup
production: Anima Vitae, Ulysses Filmproduktion Gmbh, Cinemaker Oy, A.Film A/S, Magma Films
backing: Filmfund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Eurimages, GFFF, FFA, nordmedia
distributor: Nordisk Film AB, Universum Film GmbH, Just Film Distribution, BAC Films, Kino Świat
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