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by Christopher Papakaliatis


Athens, Greece, The age of Economic crisis. Demetris is a highly independent man, living a normal life. A confirmed bachelor at the age of 33! When a moment arrives, his choice will change everything. His roommate is a female German Shepherd called Lonesome. One night, Lonesome wants to be taken out. Demetris tries to change her mind but Lonesome insists. Its at this moment that he comes to a decision. If Demetris goes out he will meet Christina, the love of his life. If he stays in, he will not meet her. Does true love exist? What is the impact of a severe economic crisis on people and how can the crisis destroy a couple? One story shown from two different angles.

international title: What If...
original title: An...
country: Greece
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Christopher Papakaliatis
release date: GR 29/11/2012, CY 28/12/2012
screenplay: Christopher Papakaliatis
cast: Christopher Papakaliatis, Marina Kalogirou, Basil Charalambopoulos
cinematography by: Giannis Daskalothanasis
film editing: Stella Filippopoulou
art director: Kostas Sousoulas
costumes designer: Maria Kontodima
production: Village Plus Productions
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