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by Julia Montejo Rodriguez, Jesús Nebot


Life hasn't been easy for Pablo, an honest, hardworking widower and father. He was an English teacher in his country, Honduras, but lost his house and his pregnant wife in the Mitch Hurricane. In order to give his five-year-old daughter Cristina a better life he immigrates illegally to California where he starts working picking fruit. All the hopes he had for his new life are thwarted when he runs over a little girl. If he waits until the police arrive he can lose the most important thing in his life, his daughter.

international title: NO TURNING BACK
original title: SIN RETORNO
country: Spain, United States
sales agent: Grupo Pi International Sales
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Julia Montejo Rodriguez, Jesús Nebot
film run: 101'
release date: ES 21/06/2002
screenplay: Julia Montejo Rodriguez, Jesús Nebot
cast: Jesús Nebot, Chelsea Rendon, Lindsay Price, Joe Estevez, Ken Feinberg, Raymond Forchion, Paul Ganus, Susan Haskell, Dawn McMillan
cinematography by: Ian Fox
film editing: Irene Blecua, Andrea Zondler
costumes designer: Dujuana Brossman
music: Steven Chesne
producer: Jesús Nebot
production: Cartel P.A., RTVE - Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española, Vía Digital, Zokalo Entertainment (USA)
distributor: Lauren Films
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