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by Bonifacio Angius


In the Catholic tradition, alive in southern Italy, the faithful who see their prayers answered thank the Saints with an act of mortification. Antoneddu, a 10 year old boy, walks on the roads of a Sardinia full of ancient lullabies to fulfill his act of mortification: reach, barefoot, the church of the saint who saved his life. Along the journey, the white lanes are populated by bizarre and sweet characters. A saint, a grandmother who prays, a funeral procession, Antonio falling down the stairs, a ball, an apple. In his trail, the boy starts to addle dream and reality.

international title: The Grace
original title: Sagràscia
country: Italy
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Bonifacio Angius
film run: 80'
screenplay: Bonifacio Angius, Stefano Deffenu, Gianni Tetti, Marina Satta
cast: Giuseppe Mezzettieri, Stefano Deffenu, Francesca Niedda, Daniele Marrosu, Piero Pittalis, Mark Romaguera, Domenico Montixi, Nunzia Russo, Maria Sau
cinematography by: Bonifacio Angius
film editing: Gavino Tilocca
art director: Pierpaolo Luvoni
costumes designer: George Vadim
music: Carlo Doneddu
producer: Bonifacio Angius
production: Uci Unione Cineasti Indipendenti
distributor: Distribuzione Indipendente
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