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by Demian Sabini


During the severe economic crisis plaguing Spain during 2010, Leo and his friends enjoy a conveniently secure situation living on unemployment insurance. In their thirties and unmotivated by the working environment, they spend their days visiting different rooftops around the city chosen at random to spend hours doing nothing. In the midst of this stream of passivity and evasion, Leo discovers that perhaps he had never before stopped to think what he really wants. The relationships with his girlfriend Ana and his best friend Mario mark the beat of Leo’s evolution to a point where he will have to decide whether to continue his same old life, or conversely, follow his instincts and take his own initiative.

international title: Rooftops
original title: Terrados
country: Spain
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Demian Sabini
film run: 76'
release date: ES 19/10/2012
screenplay: Demian Sabini
cast: Jéssica Alonso, Óscar Aragonés, Anna Bertran, José María Blanco, Carolina Cabrerizo, Jesús Comaposada, Carol Groot, Alain Hernández, Alex Molero
cinematography by: Steve Becker
film editing: Tomás Muñoz
art director: Juan Paredes
producer: Demian Sabini
production: Moviement Films
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