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by Albert Boadella


Franco spends his last days in the Palace de el Pardo, lost in the deliriums of the past, and surrounded by his family and his faithful military forces. Desperate by the "Caudillo"'s delicate state of health, they decide to resort to the alternative medicine of Doctor Müller, a modern German woman who, before the astonishment of all, will end up becoming the right hand of the Generalissimo.

original title: ¡BUEN VIAJE, EXCELENCIA!
country: Spain
sales agent: Lolafilms SL
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Albert Boadella
film run: 90'
release date: ES 10/10/2003
screenplay: Albert Boadella
cast: Minnie Marx, Lluís Elías, Ramón Fontseré, Carles Romeu, Pilar Sáenz, Juan Viadas
cinematography by: José Luis López-Linares
film editing: Alejandro Lázaro
art director: Félix Murcia
costumes designer: Macarena Soto
music: Ángel Illaramendi
producer: Andrés Vicente Gómez
production: Lolafilms
distributor: Lolafilms
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