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by Víctor Gaviria


A real estate agent, Santiago becomes temporarily involved in drug trafficking with the intention of making fast money before ducking out of the scene and getting on with his business. But he is unable to do so when the time comes due to losing his money - legal and illegal alike - in a lightening kidnap.

original title: SUMAS Y RESTAS
country: Spain, Colombia
sales agent: F for Film
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Víctor Gaviria
film run: 105'
screenplay: Víctor Gaviria, Hugo Restrepo
cast: Juan Carlos Uribe M., María Isabel Gaviria L., Fredy York Monsalve, Fabio Restrepo, José Rincón, Ana María Naranjo
cinematography by: Rodrigo Lalinde
film editing: Julio Pena
art director: Ricardo Duque
producer: Víctor Gaviria, Enrique Gabriel
production: A.T.P.I.P. S.L. Producciones, La Ducha Fría (CO)
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