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by Manuela Morgaine


Lightning appears and disappears, strikes and tetanises in a fraction of a second: in this world and that of the immortals. Since the beginning of time and beyond the confines of imagination. What happens when you are struck, physically and metaphysically?

international title: Lightning
original title: Foudre
country: France
year: 2013
genre: documentary
directed by: Manuela Morgaine
film run: 230'
screenplay: Manuela Morgaine
cinematography by: Manuela Morgaine, Pauline Lormant, Giovanni Laniado, Hervé Labourdette
film editing: Gordana Othnin-Girard, Pauline Lormant
music: Philippe Langlois, Emmanuel Hosseyn During
producer: Mathieu Bompoint
production: Mezzanine Films
distributor: Art Cinéfeel
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